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Come from all corners of the land 14 young men and womens close renting a house
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[Summary] if living, return pretty good, what establishment is all ready, closing the day that hire also is very happy, a lot of people do not fear hellion also does not worry about loneliness together. The friend suggests I live cell, do not cross me or like social life

Life first time a person is outer rent a house, and still be in Shenzhen.

600 money a month, the men and women closes the building that lease, altogether ten people, it is grand very. Everybody has a meal together, see the Olympic Games together, common a toilet, come from the youth of all corners of the land, average age does not pass 20 odd, disposition each different, attitude myriad.


Be in Shenzhen, price is high, behave above all eating, according to coefficient of favour case Er, we are cost generally on food not small, see we or poor class. The chop pink of sanded county is south Guangzhou college town area, 6 money one, chop is very much, have a few flesh only here, and flavour is inferior to far, sell 8, let me yearn for the material benefit that had undergraduate work above all.

Outside be disinclined to go out to cry, sell, the building that leases is stuck namely into the door full outside the wall that sells sheet, informal a phone goes, ten fast minutes, a slow hour, the person that sells outside still can send you one pouch vinegar and chili commonly, the person of volubility still can add a bit pink. The price does not calculate petty gain, also want 78 the least, a little bit more delicious is ten face go up.

Fruit, basically do not have what small vendor's stand, sell fruity technically the store only, the price adds hire expensive, now and then a few sell fruity with the bicycle, no more than is peach, grape, longan stopped, the apple that I like is done not have, 5 many also want the least in the shop, change so eat peach.

Hey, poor!


Go sending an exercitation greatly at the outset, a suit dress adds up be less than 100, wearing everyday to-and-fro in old hall. One is taken to be being installed only when coming to Shenzhen, when running to buy, discover expensive a nuisance. Hear Shenzhen has east door price and Guangzhou fluctuation 9 about the same, also can do not have kongfu, nearby bought dozen of shirt that lose, more than 100, still calculate can bear.

Still bought to lie fallow that day, had hit fold, t is 180 much, knickers is 80 be like …… more

Still had calculated actually, go out to ramble together with the boy friend before, he calls me must the dress of try to win sb's favor, of 339 also not be to had not been bought. Parted company now, nobody is in charge of me, auditive nevertheless edge still can appear occasionally his 啰 Suo, also do not feel expensive. Hey, actually I still feel the dress of ten money, a little good, besides do not have a brand, also it doesn't matter is bad.

Saw ground king first floor is hit that day fold the dress to sell, mark palpability arrives 5 fold, I am happy summit summit runs to look, my Mom, cost price is 9669 above, beautiful and understanding salesman young lady sees the look that I am threatened, took me to look on field make the 3 clothings that change exclusively, do not have good-looking, of old mannish, estimation sells the …… that does not go out to deceive people …… where has what fold ah …… lowest is 3 folding …… still is least 889 ……
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