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Of the dormitory hired the life to miss ability to know she is not callosity
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[Summary] wait for my mood slowly when be pacified comes down, beautiful Ru Que should have married with the boy friend. I do not want to disturb them in this moment, although I have her telephone call, but often had not dialed put down. Although I know the address of her home

Establishing a person is those who saw someone else pour out a story, have what feel and send ability to find us. Nevertheless, because of the reason of time, interview from last year year end procrastinates all the time the beginning of the year just is able to undertake this year. Come to the newspaper office, he is deep feeling first, say to pour out this belong to the road to happiness full of hardships, no less than is the same as his feeling same ……

Pour out hero: Establish a person (alias) , 30 years old, employee

Dark love her, I dare not profession

I come to Shanghai before a few years, follow a few fellow-townsman to do decorate work at that time. , we help company of a foreign country do decorate. I am the sort of special the person that agrees to bear hardships, going to work always is early arrive, in the evening often a person stays everywhere patch up. Time grew, foreign boss notices me, greet sb designedly after the project ends the engineering department that lets me stay in his company is in charge of equipment maintenance technically. After 3 months, I became the formal employee of this company, occupy in their employee dormitory.

Then, I became a house to have the person that decides place by a person that leads a wandering life everywhere, and my love also arrived accidentally. There are two girls on building of company living quarter, I often hear the voice that they talk. Go up in the balcony once, I saw their figure eventually: A petite figure, lively and optimistic; Another forceful and beautiful, whiteness of color of skin. I like them very much in the center the girl of that tall tall man, but, suffer from does not have an opportunity to be known with them. Commute everyday through corridor, I look downward secretly, hope they can come out. If see her, I can cannot help looking a few times more, also can frisk in the heart, also feel some hair are very hot on the face.

I often see they cook with a very small aluminium pan, and at hand of my as it happens has an unused kitchen utensils and appliances, looked for an opportunity to send them then. Nevertheless, I just started to talk to be rejected by them. For all that, I am very happy still, because be mixed eventually,she says a word, although be a few short only, but enough makes my excitement very long.

Spent period of time, I from the name that they knew over there the colleague, that tall girl calls beautiful eat (alias) , it is person if name as expected. I read aloud these two words a few times in the silent in the heart, firmly ground is written down was in in brain. Have a few times, when I answer a dormitory, see them two playing in our building, I know they do not look for me, in the heart unavoidable some lose. I squelch as far as possible in the heart excited, pretend the appearance past of as if nothing happened and they strike up a conversation, show have the look with very gentle demeanour very much. Say a word the 2nd times, make me beautiful several days again.
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