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Hire room old practice: I and " pull pull " chaperon lives together in England
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[Summary] be in abroad, very rare same sex lives together, unless be a homosexual. I realize suddenly, dora is not to my manner is pair of friends, be opposite however sweetheart.

Fall in love with him, do not tell him

, father accident die, he did not leave what property to give us. To live in the big family with complex relation, mother took many pain. As a child she teachs me, do a woman to must try hard to learn adamancy, ability not by person bully. I am fostered into boy individual character painstakingly by mom, cut bingle, wear pants, never complain, weeping also is to carrying a person on the back to cry secretly. Read diligent, need not the parent and teacher worry about. In classmate friend eye, I am female simply preterhuman.

Big that years 4, I knew square rule. I prepare to take an examination of a graduate student at that time, he is the favorite pupil of adviser, graduate student 2 grade. The professor is like lively old man very much, call us to his home to have chaffy dish, the law is advocate hutch, pulling arm to wash the appearance of dish, give a person very strong safe sense.

Dinner ends, he sends me to answer the dormitory. Strong recognition, this all the way with respect to labial gun have a verbal battle with, his knowledge is broad and profound, I am good at arguing, I feel a paragraph of quite long way too quickly however.

After this, we often meet, have a meal together, discuss a task together, have the word that does not say it seems that. Be together with him I feel very set one's mind at, do not need camouflage, he never also becomes me is a woman, two figure were to know long brothers.

Overlapping occurrence broke this kind of relation. She is my division younger sister, childlike, tenderness is kind-hearted, with me it is two types completely. She sees square law likes to go up for the first time him, run to ask whether I also like him even.

“ of course not, I am not the kind that he likes. You like, go chasing after him. ” word just is exported, I regretted. But see overlapping and happy look, I can tell myself only, such doing is right.

Overlapping begin to seek square keep under control, send a short message everyday, make an appointment with him to have a meal, before him she is like water softly, saw even me cannot help one'sing mind disturbed. Square law did not refuse, his manner is more sturdy my decision.

I exited the life of square law slowly, reason is too busy. Before long, transmit a message, say square law He Yinyin begins have a love affair.

Be informed a message I hid in the quilt to cry to make evening that day, the following day, my definitely goes abroad to be taken an examination of no longer surely grind.

See square rule for the last time, it is his He Yinyin gives a farewell dinner for me. I am laughing to bless them to be able to repair Cheng Zhengguo at an early date, everybody did not see, I actually door leaf of painful thorough heart, the smile on the face is bright however and clinking.
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