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My diehard followers with male friend lives together after one-night standing
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[Summary] Ouyang Baixue and Bi Yong fall in love at first sight, make with body photograph when drawing near two years to part, the agreement awaits each other. But because of indescribable " accident " , the good friend ancient howl of she and Bi Yong produced sexual relationship. From now on, she is spent in be repentant and hesitation. In the feel apologetic to Bi Yong, she must live together with Gu Xiao. But, ouyang Baixue not reconciled to...

A· arrives from the netizen lover, parting before I am made with body photograph


Reporter: Since know to want departure two years immediately, why to live together with respect to He Biyong in so short time?

Bai Xue: I love him, be willing to wait for him so. He also lets me wait for him two years! Love let me have hope!

[Tell about]

September 2004, I am in Jiang Yan a company goes to work. Pass the introduction of a netizen, I knew Bi Yong on the net.

Await in those days, he is infatuated with network game wildly, defend in the evening everyday in the Internet bar. But since knew me, he quited network sport. We communicated a many month on the net, talk about all night on the net everyday, have boundless topic it seems that. Bi Yong is bigger than me two years old, in the door austral Chengdu a company makes a sale. Gradually, we are closer and closer, make an appointment to make a sweet heart actually. Perhaps await in those day, I fell in love with him really.

On October 30, it is Bi Yong's birthday, he puts forward to want to meet with me. As it happens was on the weekend that day, I answered Chengdu. Bi Yong is better than my impression giving on the net, not only appearance is handsome, or the sort of special know feminine state of mind, marry the man of feminine love. That day, his a gang friend celebrates birthday, everybody has a meal together, sing, go getting online again, be troubled by very late ability to come loose, really happy. Meet this, we each other are admired in the heart, on the net made an appointment reality. We loved each other really.

The following day, ground of my be reluctant to part with was answered Jiang Yan. Just can spend a week, bi Yong tells me on QQ however: “11 month 14 days, I am about to be sent by the company Qingdao two years, we can good-bye one side? I listened to ” very anxious, did not get even pay, answered Chengdu with respect to abdication rapidly. But very fast he gets an information again, say to want to just was met December.

Cannot think of, just passed a few days, my father falls ill be in hospital. The hospital is near Home Bi Yong, go to the lavatory to take care of, should his invitation, I live in him in the evening in the home. Passed two days, we live in together, produced an impact. That day in the evening, bi Yong says affectionately to me: I should leave “ two years, you must wait for me. ” my cautiously nodded to agree, I feel I fell in love with him, have hope, wait for him gladly also two years.
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