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How to hire room talent save money
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Annual 6, July is college numerous students when leaving school yard, besides apply for a job, the first class major issue that graduate should resolve stabilizes housing first namely come down. Because the college is graduate experience world is not dark, in the process that rent a house hard to avoid can appear interest damage phenomenon, besides undergraduate is in short supply with respect to capital originally, if why bear in finite economy,the building that suits oneself is leased inside limits, appear particularly important.

First selection closes hire
Chummage is the expense with not little brushstroke for the undergraduate to strong finish school, and expenses of expenses of unlike other charm can inspect particular case to make adjust and change, the disbursement of hire is month or every every quarter must defray, must consider an individual every months so the " quantity of income produces " artificially. Generally speaking, the 1 / that the forehead spends the defray of every months of hire to should not exceed lunar income 3. Can affect the level of normal life otherwise.
According to " of " catenary home newest statistic data shows, close paragraph time has 70 % above to choose to close in the undergraduate that to catenary home each inn registers the building that rent hire, and live together with 4 three-room flat, people for many, occupy the half above of the number. With aing shady retreat on a green hill a three-room flat near the road is exemple, 4 colleges graduate signs the agreement that rent with every months of 1800 yuan price, the water and electricity plus every months is gas wait for charge, answer every months load fee amount is 2000 yuan about, so the cost that all pushs everybody to go up personally is 500 yuan about.

Making aperient profit is first selection condition
Downtown very little earth very little gold, the house price that rent is day price simply for the college graduate to field of firm sortie duty, but if choose remote region, traffic inconvenience raised life cost again. Accordingly, proposal graduate can consider to rent a house in subway along the line, because in the subway the end points of each direction handles on the low side of the house price that rent. As a result of everybody workplace differs, graduate can adopt those who near each end points area such as iron of the subway, city completely to hire room strategy.
In Beijing north area can choose city iron the boreal center area that 13 lines thing passes through; Can choose in southern area south 3 annulus advocate road along the line, be like area of Home Ma fort; In western area can choose Shi Jingshan area, if malic garden iron is circumjacent; In the eastpart part area can choose area of periphery of 4 benefit subway. These area traffic are convenient, commute quick, and the price should compare downtown price of coequal standard house is low 200- - month of 500 yuan of / .

The detail that rent a house notices more
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