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Public rental housing, Shanxi construction "of public rental" of "methods"
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The project to enjoy the priority of public land for rent, enjoy the financial, tax concessions supplied subject to application, review, publicity, registration, and the queuing system is to enjoy low-cost housing, housing policy by the appropriate family may apply for public rental
   For people who can not afford housing in the future, live in public rental housing is expected to become cost-effective way cheaper. Yesterday afternoon, the provincial government executive meeting examined and approved in principle the "Interim Measures on Management of public rental housing in Shanxi Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), the future of our province the size of public rental construction and effective operation made clear protection. From October 1 this year, started the implementation of this "approach" to work out the details of the construction of public rental project management, government support, supply management and other specific policies, is divided into 5 34.
    With the main building
    "Approach" provides cities, counties, urban and rural housing construction (real estate) sector, according to local economic development level and the market supply and demand for small units of rental housing and other factors, a reasonable supply of public rental housing to determine the size and supply of objects, the formulation of public rental housing c