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Haikou next year will solve the problem or the introduction of public rental t
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Extension of the sea not to consider "Sales Order" period Haikou City Construction Bureau of Housing and Urban Management Division of the market the right to wear open, said in an interview, "restriction order" on the Background, in response to the state, "the new national five" policy. Currently, the "restriction order" is to be postponed, will depend on whether the State will launch a new policy. Then, "restriction order" after the withdrawal, Haikou, prices will soar to the same as before it? Wearing open, he said, "restriction order" to play the main role is to curb real estate, and since the "restriction order" since the implementation of the sea real estate prices are still steady growth slightly, while the current price and the percentage of income of local residents high, so local residents want to solve the housing problem, or to hopes of affordable housing, and with the continuous development of affordable housing construction, the sea in the housing problems of low-income families can still be resolved. "'Sales Order', indeed plays a very important role, this year in September, when a slight rebound in the property market trends, but the state introduced in the 9 to the end of the second round of regulatory policy, the sea also introduced a 'restriction order' immediately to the pressure of this stock rebound down the property market turnover decline trend. "wearing the right to open that, due to the sale of real estate in Hainan island, mainly in the market, and not the same as elsewhere in the country, so that when the introduction of a" restriction Order "when is the next no small determination. Next year will solve the problem or release of public rental tenants So, faced with such a high price now, Haikou local residents how to solve the housing problem? Dai said the right to open next year will launch public rental sea or to solve the housing problems of low-income families. "At present, 70% of real estate in Hainan island to purchase, 30% is with the residents of the island's account, but 30% of them, a native of Hainan, not many people." Dai told reporters the right to open, sometimes inside a cell purchase or occupancy of 99% of mainlanders. It is understood that the sea of people last year, average annual income is 1 million yuan, and if the purchase of a 90 square meters of commercial housing, to 7500 yuan / ㎡ price, down payment necessary to light 20 million, even if there are 3 family members, the annual per capita income of 3 million, also 22 and a half years have to eat or drink to buy this house. "This decision was to rely on the protection of housing to solve housing problems of local low-income people, the introduction of low-cost public rental is particularly important." Public renting is short for public rental housing, new jobs and workers to address community housing difficulties of the sandwich layer of a product. Public rental housing not owned by individuals, but by all government or public agency, or lessee with a below-market prices affordable to hire workers new jobs, including university graduates, and some migration from the field work in groups to the city. Haikou, the product is currently not yet released.