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Used to determine the rent to the landlord "may sublet"
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Miss Lee on a street in business clothes, shop is half a year ago from the "second-hand landlord" where rent and was "second-hand landlord" and Miss Lee signed the lease term less than a year, but "second-hand landlord" oral Lease commitments Will follow after the expiration of her contract. Miss Lee, the first believed to do business and pay twenty thousand yuan transfer fee will be rented this pavement, the price of the lease with the surrounding pavement for up to three or four years about the transfer fee. However, when the transfer of pavement and Miss Lee, who are required to come to consult with the "second-hand landlord," signed the contract at least 2-3 years before they are willing to take over. Miss Lee had with the "second-hand landlord," to discuss the results obtained is that, "second-hand Landlord "and" hand the landlord "to the end of the contract between the maturity, so impossible to long-term contracts. In addition, even after the expiry of "second-hand landlord" and "hand the landlord" successful renewal, Miss Li must also pay a 2 million yuan and then the transfer fee to the "second-hand landlord" contract. Results Miss Lee caught in a dilemma, If the current sublease case, the term only six months, almost no one willing to take; if you do not sublet it, when six months after the contract expires, but also pay a transfer fee himself. Generally required to enter into longer-term shop at the beginning of the lease contract. Is required before the main shop fitting, input costs high. In addition, if the term of the lease, then only a few months or a year, until the business is just starting There is no way to operate, and even loss of a cost. Therefore, before signing the lease, the tenant must first determine the "second-hand landlord" have the right to sublet, to protect their interests, after freedom from disputes. This is first used to meet the landlord and the landlord of the lease contract on the one hand To clear indication "can be sublet", also used the landlord and tenant lease contract also promises that they have the right to sublet. Furthermore, in order to ensure that "second-hand landlord" to fulfill the contract, the tenant should be sure and "second-hand landlord," signed the lease term can not exceed the "second-hand landlord" and hand the landlord the remaining term of the lease contract. And Tenant And "second-hand landlord," the contract should specify the mode of compensation to retain good evidence of the future payment of rent, transfer fee receipt, and the renovation of the documents. If the "second-hand landlord" of the reasons is unable to perform the contract, the tenant may apply to "second-hand landlord" claims. In this process, the tenant's property to view information on the shops, the best query to the Housing Authority owned the property Material is true, in addition to view the "primary landlord" and "second-hand landlord" between the lease contract, as well as primary and secondary landlord landlord identity.