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Jinan buy a house to avoid the property market the New Deal "curve buyers" tr
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Property "secondary control" began, more than buying two sets of housing, off-site purchase by the more stringent restrictions. To circumvent the regulation and control policy, some buyers are looking for tricks curve should purchase, Jinan City, part of the social security agency is also playing in different places the idea of home buyers to help foreign buyers to apply for social security proof of economic means to earn money.  borrow another card tricks To avoid the "identification and recognition Housing loans" and other regulatory policies, home buyers generally do not borrow or mortgage records of friends and relatives of employees of the ID card loans to buy a house, to enjoy the down payment, loans, preferential interest rates, etc., provided that the need to document provider must pay, the risk is that these properties may not be transferred; the borrower once the loan is not on a regular basis to provide documents required by banks will also face prosecution or be included in the blacklist of credit risk. Fake divorce tricks  property rights transfer Mr Li, a real estate purchase in the eastern third set of housing can not apply for loans, the sales staff had advised him to leave with the wife a divorce, then remarry loans to buy a house, only to buy a fake divorce certificate by the bank found, we can only checkout. Similar by fake divorce, property rights and interests of the Notary Office replacement, etc., will the property to family members, one or more family members name, then use the name of the party did not buy real estate, as a lot of people hot or select the curve purchase one way. Relay tricks  family loans Many more than two sets of home buyers choose to name the elderly apply for mortgage loans or provident fund loans, home to the purchase of a child as the sole joint and several payers, by its commitment "to take charge of the borrower the loan contract the mortgagor's contractual obligation, and repayment of the loan principal and interest is not withdrawn before the completion of mortgage. " This way, the loan repayment record was present only in the loan contract (that is, parents) name, not to increase their children purchase and loan records. Complement the social security agency tricks to find proof of  Jinan City, the agent for some of the social security from the "secondary control" restrictions on the purchase of off-site to find a way of making money: The economy for foreign buyers to pay for social security earn credentials intermediary costs. A number of agencies Shebao Nvshigusu Jizhe, the unit specifically Wei Ge Lei workers and related agencies agency Shebao payment, Bujiao business, who can help make up Shebao Yidegoufang prove to help smooth the field to those who borrow money to buy economic Goufang room. According to her, according to the requirements of the new control policies, for those who need at least 13 months overdue social security payments social security certificates issued can be used for loans to buy a house, the standard employed by current staff (freelance) for a monthly fee the minimum wage base is 1495 yuan, plus related costs account fees, only 7867.5 yuan. In addition, a staff agency, said recently more than 20 such clients as the relevant procedures, earned 2.6 million.