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Shanxi Awayama start low-rent housing and interior decoration
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Jishan County, Shanxi Province low-cost housing project main project has been capped, has entered the interior phase.

Jishan County low-cost housing project is a key project of the county, located in Jishan County Yuying Street North, Northwest Street Nursery West, covering a total area of 20 acres, building 352 low-rent housing units, 17,600 square meters, units are 1 room 1 room 1 kitchen 1 Wei, a single set of house area is 50 square meters, 6 story building. The total investment of 19.36 million yuan, the central investment of 5.28 million applications, the construction period of 18 months, in August 2009 launched the construction.

In ensuring the construction quality and safety of the premise, the construction team inverted period, working overtime to ensure no housing, low-income families live in comfortable early, bright new houses.