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Shanxi introduction of public rental requirements: to "sandwich class" eat "assu
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Shanxi Province promulgated the "Interim Measures on Management of public rental housing"

    Conditions fail to apply for low-rent housing, not any, to buy real estate; just to work, can not afford housing and affordable housing --- not rent it is often said that the "sandwich class." In recent years, construction of affordable housing across the country is a powerful forward, but even so, the city still has many middle-income families, new employees and migrant workers, employment is difficult to find a suitable "habitat."

    Just this year, Li Li is free to find a job in the city's typical "sandwich layer." She says with exasperation: "I and the two girls shared a less than 60 square meters of old houses, before a landlord and rent increases, and rent to pay 400 yuan finished, the monthly income of 1,000 yuan for running out. "It is understood that such groups accounting for more than half the urban population, not including temporary resident population of the town. They face "housing is difficult," "renting difficult" problems to be solved into the city.

    June 12 this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction of 7 departments have jointly developed "speed up the development of public rental housing guidance." August 27, the provincial government through the "Interim Measures on Management of public rental housing in Shanxi Province", and will be starting October 1 this year, formally implemented from this year until 2012 in Shanxi Province, the new 40,000 units of public rental.

    □ strictly regulate the management to ensure the "House" the best use

    Public rental housing are mostly urban middle-income housing for needy families, conditional city, county, workers and new jobs can be a stable job and a certain number of years living in urban migrant workers into the scope of supply. In order to ensure that every public rental housing can be fully rational use, for public rental housing can only be leased, not sold; can only be occupied by the lessee shall not sell, sublet, idle and other business activities; the lessee to buy, recipient, inheritance, lease other housing, you should quit.

    One can only enjoy a family of affordable housing. Conditions are not consistent with low-rent housing guarantee access to Shiwupeizu, affordable housing has been made not to purchase eligible families to purchase affordable housing can also apply for public rental housing. Shiwupeizu have enjoyed low-cost housing has not been out to enjoy the benefits or the allocation of housing to buy affordable family housing, shall not apply for public rental housing. Public rental housing has been single family, low-cost housing in the rent or purchase affordable housing, housing should be rented out by public rental housing. Meet the conditions of the family housing security of public rental housing tenant, can apply for low-cost rental housing subsidies.

    □ priority to put an end to conceal the lie to hire disadvantaged

    Public rental housing supply, subject to application, review, publicity, registration and waiting list system. When applying for public rental housing, the city where they are residing or staying home should be to make public rental housing community committees rental application and submit relevant information; has been registered as public rental housing are families, according to the housing difficulties of and apply the order, and to consider the income level to determine the order of the waiting, it can be taken by drawing lots, etc. to determine the order of 摇号. Comply with the conditions of family members rent with 60 years of age or older, seriously ill or disabled or belong to the scope of the demolition of key projects, be given priority lease of public rental housing.

    Joint declaration of the applicant or household-disclosure, false income, assets and housing conditions or forged evidence lied about public rental housing rent, after investigation and verification, to cancel the eligibility criteria, 5 years not allowed to apply for housing support. False certification of the unit and hold the responsible person's responsibility.

    □ protect live in peace building "Out"

    Built with the main lease to the public. Direct government investment in housing, including construction, alteration; in affordable housing, squatter (old) transformation, general real estate development projects in the construction of a pro rata basis, repurchase by the government; social unity government to lease; enterprises to invest in building a; industrial park construction and upgrading, the focus with built apartments and dormitories.

    Public rental housing to meet the main needs of the people's basic housing, in line with energy saving requirements, a single set of floor area of 60 sq m to control. Construction standards for the indoor concrete floor, the walls of ordinary paint, indoor installation of wood doors, home security door installation general, in line with energy efficiency standards for ordinary windows, common sanitary ware, water, electricity, heating, gas four Expressed households, sub- metering.

    Provincial Department of Construction, Housing and Urban Director Liang Xiaojun introduction of housing security, public rental housing location is important, to facilitate people traveling, place as much as possible in the transportation, public facilities, the area is more complete. Concentration of migrant workers in the development zones and industrial parks, to the employment rent, as far as possible so that they feel at home here.