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Public rental housing, Shanxi construction "of public rental" of "methods"
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The project to enjoy the priority of public land for rent, enjoy the financial, tax concessions supplied subject to application, review, publicity, registration, and the queuing system is to enjoy low-cost housing, housing policy by the appropriate family may apply for public rental
   For people who can not afford housing in the future, live in public rental housing is expected to become cost-effective way cheaper. Yesterday afternoon, the provincial government executive meeting examined and approved in principle the "Interim Measures on Management of public rental housing in Shanxi Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), the future of our province the size of public rental construction and effective operation made clear protection. From October 1 this year, started the implementation of this "approach" to work out the details of the construction of public rental project management, government support, supply management and other specific policies, is divided into 5 34.
    With the main building
    "Approach" provides cities, counties, urban and rural housing construction (real estate) sector, according to local economic development level and the market supply and demand for small units of rental housing and other factors, a reasonable supply of public rental housing to determine the size and supply of objects, the formulation of public rental housing construction plans and annual plans, and into affordable housing construction plan and the "five-second" housing support planning, annual implementation.
   The way in the building, new construction of public rental housing to match the main building can also be relatively concentrated. Projects should as far as possible in the transportation, public facilities, the area is more complete. In the affordable housing, squatter (old) transformation, general real estate development project shall be allocated a certain proportion of public rental housing built by the Unified Government of repurchase. In addition, public rental housing include: social unity government to lease of public rental housing; enterprises to invest in the construction of public rental housing; all kinds of industrial park construction and upgrading, the focus with the apartment building, dormitories and so on.
   Living standards
    Press the "measures" the relevant provisions of the main public rental housing to meet basic living needs, to control a single set of floor area of 60 square meter. In apartments, dormitories form of construction of public rental housing, to strictly implement the relevant provisions of building design. The construction of public rental housing standards: indoor concrete floor, the walls of ordinary paint, indoor installation of wood doors, home security door installation general, in line with energy efficiency standards for ordinary windows, common sanitary ware, water, electricity, heating, air IV Expressed by the household, household metering.
   Public rental housing construction, health and safety standards should be consistent with requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation to ensure quality and safety. Actively promote the application of advanced, applicable and secure new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, improve public rental housing construction as a whole.
    "Green Passage"
    "Measure" of public rental housing construction land shall be the annual land supply plan in place in the priorities and implementation plans included in the annual housing security; the same time, prohibited the allocation of public rental housing to obtain the name of the land, the land transfer to pay , administrative fees, regulatory approach to real estate development in disguise.
  Municipalities, county government through various means, increase of public rental housing construction and use of inputs. Provincial government direct investment in the financial, reconstruction, public rental housing to buy appropriate subsidies to public rental housing construction and the use of giving tax concessions. Public rental housing construction be exempted from administrative charges and government funds. Operational and service charges, with the approval of the agreement by the low limit of enterprises halved.
    Rent levels of public rental housing municipal, county and consider the local socio-economic development level, income level, living standards, the housing market and other factors to determine rent levels, adjusted annually released to the community.
   Application requirements
    "Approach" provides public rental housing are mostly urban middle-income housing for needy families. Conditions of the city, county, and you can have a stable of new employment and career employees and certain number of years living in urban migrant workers into the scope of supply. Lease of public rental housing only, not sold.
   One can only enjoy a family of affordable housing. Conditions are not consistent with low-rent housing guarantee access to Shiwupeizu, affordable housing has been made not to purchase eligible families to purchase affordable housing can also apply for public rental housing. Shiwupeizu have enjoyed low-cost housing has not been out to enjoy the benefits or the allocation of housing to buy affordable family housing, shall not apply for public rental housing. Public rental housing has been single family, low-cost housing in the rent or purchase affordable housing, housing should be rented out by public rental housing. Meet the conditions of low-rent housing guarantee of public rental housing tenant households, may also apply for low-cost rental housing subsidies.
   Application Process
    "Approach" provides public rental housing supply, subject to application, review, publicity, registration and waiting list system. When applying for public rental housing, the city where they are residing or staying home should be to make public rental housing community committees rental application and submit relevant information; has been registered as public rental housing are families, according to the housing difficulties of and application order, and to consider their income levels to determine the order of the waiting, but also to take ballot, means of determining the order 摇号 waiting. Comply with the conditions of family members rent with 60 years of age or older, seriously ill or disabled or belong to the scope of the demolition of key projects have priority lease of public rental housing.
  Meanwhile, tenants of public rental housing can only be used for self-occupation, not to sell, sublease or idle, nor to engage in other business activities. The periodic review of public rental housing system, the review is still eligible to continue renting. The review is no longer eligible, should quit. "Approach" also requires disclosure of the applicant or the declaration of co-residence, falsifying income, assets and housing conditions or forged evidence lied about public rental housing rent, after investigation and verification, to cancel the eligibility criteria, 5 years not allowed housing security of their applications. False certification of the unit and hold the responsible person's responsibility. Yue Xia Red Reporter
    Why should develop public rental
   Provincial Department of Construction, Housing and Urban relevant experts, the construction and development of public rental housing is affordable housing in the current system in the province further to add. First, the structure is conducive to adjust the housing market, opening up new housing supply channels, so that middle-income families and new employment workers by migrant workers to solve the housing problems in the form of lease. Second, it helps to adjust the housing supply structure and increase the supply of small units of housing. Construction of small size, full-featured, lower rents of public rental housing, can increase the effective supply of housing to ease the housing supply and demand. Thirdly, it is conducive to promoting the development of urbanization process.
    According to statistics, the province's college graduates each year about 15 million people in employment, about 60 million people from rural areas into cities, there are a large number of migrant workers (Taiyuan, about 65 million floating population) . Development of public rental housing, both to increase effective supply, to solve the housing difficulties of this group, they can divert part of the housing demand, fostering a rational housing consumption. Therefore, the development of public rental housing construction and management of the policy measures to accelerate the development of public rental housing, to protect and improve people's livelihood and promote social harmony and development in our province of great practical significance.