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Shanxi Province from 2012 until this year, the new 40,000 units of public rental
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    August 29, Shanxi Province, the Office of Housing and Urban Housing Security Director Liang Xiaojun told "Shanxi Youth Daily," an interview, disclosed that the province from 2012 until this year, the new 40,000 units of public rental.
    Following Beijing, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other provinces (municipalities) have been put forward for public rental housing, guidance or management approach, the "Interim Measures on Management of public rental housing in Shanxi Province" is also in the August 27 meeting in the provincial government through the executive, and is scheduled to on October 1 onwards.
    Promulgation of the method will enable the public can rent this way to protect and improve people's livelihood, to be implemented in Shanxi.
Ease the hundreds of thousands of "sandwich class" housing
    Over the years the implementation of housing reform, Shanxi has taken shape as the main commodity housing for low-income housing for needy families to implement multi-level housing support, multi-channel urban housing supply system.
    According to statistics, the province's college graduates each year about 15 million people in employment, about 60 million people from rural areas into cities, there are a large number of migrant workers (Taiyuan, about 65 million floating population) . Is undoubtedly of public rental housing to solve this part of the population of choice.
    In Shanxi, the development of public rental housing, both to increase effective supply, to solve the housing difficulties of this group, they can divert part of the housing demand, fostering a rational housing consumption.
    In this case, the formulation of public rental housing construction and management of policy measures to accelerate the development of public rental housing, to protect and improve people's livelihood and promote social harmony and development in our province has important practical significance.
    In fact, in "public rent" until the official presentation of the concept, the so-called "public rent" has been a common. Some companies such as self-built single quarters for the staff, some teachers in colleges and economic development zones dormitory apartments and so on, all belong to the concept of public rental category.
An open tender construction side
    As a Waste Management, public renting involved in all aspects of social concern. One, who is a public rental repair the focus of attention. Chongqing is currently in full swing to do a public rental, for example, the main building of their choice, that is wholly owned by the local government investment and financing platform for the company, Chongqing, and Chongqing City Investment Real Estate Group Company.
    However, this choice of Shanxi in a more equitable manner, according to Liang Xiaojun introduction, Shanxi will adopt an open tender to allow any real estate business to intervene in the construction of public rental, but only if the return profit businesses can afford.
    As for the issue of public land for rent, in principle, be taken to "how much to how much the government give priority to security of supply," Liang said.
    According to Liang said the report in accordance with the present situation of municipalities, the province from 2012 until this year, plans to use three years to build 40,000 units of public rental. If in accordance with the single set of 50 square meters floor area calculation, then, 4 million units of public rental construction area will reach 200 million square meters.
Interim Measures on Management of public rental housing in Shanxi Province (Abstract)
Housing Standards
    Mainly to meet basic living needs, a single set of floor area of 60 sq m to control construction standards: interior concrete floor, the walls of ordinary paint, indoor installation of wood doors, home security door installation general, in line with the common energy efficiency standards windows, general sanitary ware, water, electricity, heating, gas four Expressed households, household metering.
Supply object
    Mostly urban middle-income housing for needy families. Conditions of the city, county, workers and new jobs can be a stable job and a certain number of years living in urban migrant workers into the scope of supply.
    All enterprises and institutions use their own land building or through conversion of public rental housing, purchase, lease to raise the public rental housing, supply of objects can be first used for the unit employees.
Information requirements
    Or temporary residence is provided to community committees, and submit the following information: "Application Form for public rental housing"; accounts and household family members of the ID card (to provide temporary residence permits of migrant workers and the original proof of residence) and local Police departments that material; labor contract or employment contract (the new employment offer employees and migrant workers); income proof material; the housing situation in evidence; labor leasing companies issued guarantees of public rental housing; the city or county government regulations other supporting materials.
Mode of supply
    Subject to application, review, publicity, registration and waiting list system.
    Rent level, the municipal county government and consider local social and economic development level, income level, living standards, the housing market and other factors to determine rent levels, adjusted annually released to the community. Tenant rent arrears or other charges, the unit can be notified to the lessee, simply deduct from their wages directly.