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Hill is big street of the normal school opposite side
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Property: The room lets
Door model: 2 house
The price: The face is discussed yuan
Have posture place: Shanxi - Taiyuan - hill is big opening of market of the normal school opposite side

Water, report, gas / natural gas, central heating, cable television, broadband / have
Washing machine, freezer, hot water shower implement, also have
Two bedrooms are euqally big, rental among them
Walk 2 minutes greatly to hill very convenient

Village environment is quiet, suit a student to be hired very much, had better be hill undergraduate friend will hire, my person is very good 喲 , learn law. Like photography, music. The broadband here is the local area network of geological bureau, use freely. (Intermediary not faze)

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Connect a telephone call: 13834619772
QQ: 48071586