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Conclude a few keys of the contract that rent are nodded
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Finally, rent besides the residence, also want to talk about the blame residence such as shop of office building, business to rent. Tenant is the land use that should note property right card to go up and building utility, if land utility is mixed building utility and bear the effective use that hire nots agree with, criterion tenant may is faced with cannot handle business license, cannot pass relevant examine and approve the risk such as formalities; 2 it is to want understanding to relevant commerce plans and wait about policy, if tenant will be managed industry condition is not accorded with relevant commerce plans and concern policy, for instance bear the building that leases to be able to not run meal industry prepares to offer a public house, be sure to bring about the waste of manpower, financial capacity, below the case that cannot decide, tenant is OK matters concerned regards end an agreement as the condition related extraordinary in the contract that rent agreement, avoid to suffer needless responsibility of breach of contract with this.

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